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Acquire the Best

As one of the world’s leading specialist international mining & energy recruitment providers, Rock People assists mining and energy companies, big and small to source and attract the industry’s best talent across the world, enabling your organisation to reach its full potential and realise true competitive advantage through talent. In industries as diverse as mining and energy, it’s impossible to take a one size fits all approach. That’s why Rock People will tailor a talent acquisition solution to suit your needs.

Our talent acquisition and recruitment services include:

  • Executive & Board Search – proactively and discreetly source the very best executive leadership talent through market research and headhunting.
  • Specialist Professional Technical Recruitment – Rock People’s specialist consultants, through their experience and expertise in their niche vertical markets hold a comprehensive understanding of the industry, typical role requirements and global talent pools . By doing so, our consultants have a ready understanding of the best talent in the market and can thereby respond with more speed and effectiveness than traditional recruitment models. Rock People’s specialisations include:
    • Operations Management
    • Technical Services
    • Geology & Geosciences
    • Processing & Metallurgy
    • Maintenance
    • Project Delivery & Construction
    • HSEC
    • Finance, Commercial & HR
  • Contract Staffing Solutions (Australia & International) – Rock People deliver short and long term contract staffing solutions across the world. Leveraging our specialist recruitment capabilities, Rock People can recruit and manage the industry’s best talent for your contract staffing requirements. Contract staffing solutions include recruitment, payroll, comprehensive insurances, e-timesheets & contractor management.
  • RPO & Managed Recruitment Solutions – optimise your recruitment activities with our tailored RPO and managed recruitment solutions. Rock People’s RPO services & managed solutions can manage your recruitment function from end-to-end or components of your recruitment workflow with our specialist experience & industry expertise to help you reduce costs & time-to-fill while improving the overall quality of hires.
  • Project Ramp-up Solutions & Campaigns – Need a large scale tailored solution? Rock People deliver fixed-cost tailored solutions for large-scale recruitment projects which is ideally suited to project ramp-ups, including the mobilisation of specialist consultants and deployment of our leading recruitment systems & processes. In addition to project-ramp-up solutions, Rock People has extensive experience with international campaigns to source mining and energy talent from abroad and for major international projects.
  • Australian Registered Migration Services – Rock People’s registered migration specialists provide both employers & individuals with specialist Australian migration services. Through our international contract staffing capabilities, we can also organise visas, migration & in-country payroll for most countries across Australasia, Europe, The Middle East and Africa.
  • HR Consulting & Workforce Planning – not sure of your human capital requirements? We can help plan, assess, and structure your workforce to attract and retain the best talent.

Our Approach

We utilise years of industry experience in specialist professional technical mining & energy recruitment to deliver fast and effective results. We’re not about getting bums on seats. Rock People believe in sourcing quality candidates to assist you achieve your goals – discovering, developing and extracting the world’s resources.

Worldwide Coverage

In our experience recruiting professionals and executives for mining and energy companies across the world, we have placed hundreds of mining professionals and executives across Australia and over 35 different countries…and counting! These include PNG, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Cambodia, New Caledonia, Vietnam, China, Mongolia, Laos, South Africa, Botswana, Ghana, Senegal, Brazil, The Philippines, UK and many more.

In Pursuit of the Best

We believe in thoroughness and dedication in our recruitment process. Rock People will search high and low, leaving no stone unturned in the hunt for your new talent. Whether you need to recruit mining professionals for a greenfields project in the African copper belt or an existing operation in Australia, we can help you find your key staff.

Rock People will consult with you to ensure that your employment value proposition (EVP) is optimised to its greatest potential, so that you can be certain that you’re presenting your organisation and opportunities to their maximum value to potential employees. Then as your strongest and greatest advocates, Rock People will attract and secure the best possible mining and energy professionals and executives for your needs.

Give yourself the competitive edge and let us help you find the best industry talent.

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