The Benefit of Outsourcing Recruitment: Exploring RPO & Managed Solutions

April 25, 2015Posted by WebimaxSEO

Mining is a growing and prosperous industry in Australia and around the world. In order to compete with other mining firms in your area, you need to hire the most talented, driven and experienced mining and energy professionals. Locating and recruiting the right person to fill the job is a timely and costly task. That’s why you should hire a mining recruitment agency that provides recruitment process outsourcing and managed solutions. By letting a reputable recruitment agency like Rock People manage your recruitment processes, you can save money, receive the highest quality hires, and focus your time on what matters most – the day-to-day operations of your mining business.

If you are unfamiliar with recruitment outsourcing, there are two forms. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a form of business process outsourcing in which an employer outsources components of its recruitment activities, such as advertising the job position and conducting interviews. The second form of recruiting is Managed Solutions, in which an employer outsources the entire recruitment process to a third party company.

Both forms of recruitment are very beneficial. In addition to saving yourself time and money, you will be connected to the highest quality hires. A specialist mining recruitment agency with experience across Australia, Asia and Africa has a thorough understanding of the market and which professionals will best fulfill each role. Recruitment firms also have an established candidate database and networks, where they can locate the top professionals who are looking for work, thus saving you time on advertising costs.

Here are some of the many benefits you’ll experience by utilizing a mining recruitment company:

Improved candidate quality – Recruitment agencies know that finding the right candidate for a job takes more than looking at a person’s education and experience. While those bits are important, so is the person’s synergy with your existing employees and his/her track record. An in-house hiring manager may not have the time and resources to investigate all of these factors. However, a recruitment agent can diver deeper into someone’s traits to ensure the person is the best candidate for the job and your company.

Scalable recruitment process – A recruitment company provides a more scalable recruitment process and has the capacity to meet employer demands. If your organization is rapidly growing, a recruitment firm can help you meet that growth with skilled employees.

Quicker hiring process – With a recruitment agency, the hiring process is completed a lot quicker than if you were to recruit employees in-house. As previously stated, a recruitment firm has a large, active network of experienced professionals looking for work. They can quickly recruit these individuals, conduct interviews, screen candidates, and fill the position.

Reduced Costs – There are a number of ways that recruitment agencies help mining firms reduce their costs. By securing the right employee for the job, recruitment businesses reduce your company’s turnover rate, and the agency’s database of skilled candidates saves you money on training new hires. Additionally, the recruitment firm will save money on the costs of benefits and overtime and reduce the likelihood of costly employee errors.