Small Employment Pool Makes Finding Talent a Challenge

October 07, 2011Posted by alex

Industry experts agree that human resource departments are going to feel the pinch of the increased demand for mining going forward, and that employers will face a dwindling field of talent when reviewing candidates for mining careers. A plethora of new projects are planned throughout Australia and much rebuilding is necessary after the recent environmental disasters. That equates to the need for new laborers, project managers and every other position along the ladder. All of the hiring going on makes it a great time to be job hunting, but a not so pleasant of a time to be looking for qualified applicants.

With the unemployment rate hovering around five percent, it was already a challenge to find the best and brightest to fill positions, but doing so without the assistance of mining recruitment agencies will become an even more daunting task as a result of these new strains on the employment pool.

Another issue is that 75 per cent of the jobs are located in the sparsely populated areas of Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. As you’re aware, this is in harsh contrast to where the bulk of our nation’s people reside. This isn’t a new challenge, but it is compounded by the environmental problems that have caused a total of $9 billion in production reduction. Work continues to plow forward, but it is more difficult than ever to find individuals who are interested in moving out to the industry’s main regions in the wake of these events.

At Rock People, we understand and appreciate the fact that employers are facing these challenges. Our professionals have been working in the recruitment business for years, and they know how to handle the changing environment in the industry and match you up with rock solid – sorry, we couldn’t resist — personnel to fill your mining industry jobs for years to come.