Optimising Hiring in a Cost Sensitive Environment

October 24, 2014Posted by Pixelblaze

Balancing hiring the best talent whilst keeping a lid on recruitment costs is a difficult task in a cost sensitive market environment.

However, there are many ways to ensure your business not only takes advantage of the improved supply of quality candidates, but also reduces hiring costs. While there is obviously a move towards hiring mates or utilising internal sourcing functions. Hiring mates doesn’t always lead to the optimal hiring outcome when due diligence on the market isn’t conducted and not every business has the volumes or capacity to retain substantial in-house recruitment capabilities.

One way to improve your quality of hires whilst reducing costs is recruitment outsourcing. Recruitment outsourcing takes 2 forms – RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) which involves outsourcing only components of the recruitment process such as advertising or interviewing and Managed Solutions. Managed outsourced solutions is the outsourcing of the complete recruitment process to a third party provider, which can be utilised using your brand or theirs and delivered onsite or offsite.

Why should I outsource? As we all know, you should always do in business what you do best because that’s where the greatest value add and ROI is found. Not only will you save yourself time, there are inherent advantages to the quality of hires by not only conducting due diligence on the market, but by utilising industry specialists who know the market and the best individuals for specialist roles. Outsourcing also has significant cost advantages including synergies from reduced advertising costs, established candidate databases and networks, experience and more.

Rock People recently launched our exciting new RPO services to assist clients improve their hiring outcomes whilst reducing costs. If you’d like to learn more about our recruitment outsourcing services, contact us on +61 7 3177 2010 or info©rockpeople•com  (info©rockpeople•com)