Mining Jobs in Australia: Tapping into the Industry

September 27, 2011Posted by alex

Australia’s mining industry is projected to make up 8.2 percent of the GDP in 2011-12, making it a great source of jobs and helping the economy stay afloat. As the annual growth rate continues to climb, more Australian workers are interested in entering this expanding industry. If you are one of the people looking for mining jobs in Australia, here is some important information you will need before tapping into the mining sector.

What kinds of jobs are available?
Because the industry is booming, there are available jobs opportunities across the entire sector. From geology jobs to mining engineering jobs, there are many different types of scientific and technical career options from which to choose. One of the ways to determine specific job opening is to view our regularly updated job posts. As one of the most successful mining recruitment agencies in Australia, we have the proven ability to help qualified candidates find stable careers that fit their individual needs.

Which of them fit your interests/lifestyle?
With so many options out there, it’s important for job seekers to focus on career opportunities that fit their interests and lifestyles. To avoid being overwhelmed by all the different possibilities, candidates should ask themselves the following questions to find the right mining jobs in Australia:
• Do I want to enter the industry as a professional or do I want to work in operations?
• Do I prefer scientific, engineering, or technical roles?
• Am I willing to travel for work? If so, how often? For an explanation of the different travel options, click here.

Are you qualified?
Another important factor is relevant training, education, and experience. Once potential candidates have chosen a possible career path, they must determine what it takes to be hired for those positions. Some careers require a bachelor’s degree, while others are for skilled people with vocational training. Those who don’t meet the requirements for mining jobs in Australia should seek out the necessary education and experience in order to market themselves successfully. After receiving the relevant training, our recruitment agency will help match you with the best mining jobs for your career goals.