Mining Industry Jobs Needed

September 13, 2011Posted by alex

According to a recent article by the Queensland Business Journal, “there are a projected 38,000 mining jobs that will be required between now and 2014-2015.”  In order to create mining careers to satisfy shortages in the State’s mining sector, a government-funded $1.2 million ‘Resources 101’ training program has been created to help deliver what the industry needs while putting Queenslanders at the forefront of these opportunities.

The five-week ‘Resources 101’ course will offer skills to students, covering everything from safety to basic engineering skills and general mining industry training. This initiative is an effort to help fast-track the unemployed or the under-employed into the mining sector. As one of Australia’s mining recruitment agencies, we hope this program will unearth the best people to fill mining industry jobs domestically as well as worldwide. We feel like it is our responsibility to take the skilled workers who complete the program and introduce them to global opportunities, ultimately placing them in the best mining roles for them to advance their careers.

We are determined to help fill the projected 38,000 mining industry jobs over the next several years, as we are dedicated to searching high and low to find the best new talent to give companies the competitive edge they need in the field. Our extensive experience has allowed us to help hundreds of professionals find their mining careers in Australia and beyond. As we continue to place the best possible talent on new projects and operations, it is our hope that the ‘Resources 101’ training course will turn out skilled workers to combat shortages.