Interested in Mining Careers? Here Are Five Things You Should Know

December 16, 2011Posted by alex

Mining careers are as exciting as they are lucrative for people who enjoy the lifestyle that must be lived by miners. A life in the mining industry is unlike any other in the working world. It’s full of challenges and attracts goal-oriented people from around the globe. If you are seriously looking into mining careers, read the list of the five things you must know about the mining industry.

1.    Travel is a Huge Part of The Mining Industry

People who choose to go after mining careers can expect to travel – a lot. Unlike other jobs, mining has to be done onsite. In other words, miners will often travel to remote regions where mining areas are available. Every possible environment could be experienced. From the snowy and icy to the dry and deserted, remote regions are usually the most popular mining destinations. Some mining sites are more exciting than others, but they all provide unique life experiences.

2.    Long Hours Can Be Expected

Like most high paying jobs, you have to earn your wages. Most mining activities will take place in 10-14 day spans. During these spans, people involved in mining careers can expect to work 12-hour shifts. There are usually days off in-between, but this can vary from job to job. It’s important that people who enter mining careers are committed to their work.

3.    Qualified Workers Have a Better Chance of Acquiring a Job

As technology has advanced, so has the mining industry. It’s increasingly important for those looking to launch their mining careers to have computer literacy. Technical high school programs that teach students about mining technology are much more likely to produce workers in the mining field. That being said, anyone with a passion for the mining industry has a chance of successful mining career.

4.    Mining Jobs Are for Men and Women

One of the biggest falsehoods in the mining world is that mining careers are for men only. In actuality, 20% of the mining professionals in Australia are women and the numbers are growing. Mining careers are most beneficial for strong workers – regardless of their gender.

5.    Mining Careers Are Well Paid

With long hours and travel a necessity, people who commit their working years to the mining industry will be rewarded. Attractive packages are available right now for the people of Australia who decide to take on mining jobs. Pay increases come with experience and those dedicated to their mining careers will reap the benefits.