Greeting People Effectively

April 11, 2011Posted by carolyn

When meeting someone for the first time, greeting is all important – it only takes about ten seconds for someone to begin to form an opinion about you.

Meeting and greeting
Whether you’re in a job interview, networking or professional meeting, greeting people appropriately is a successful career skill.

Greeting people effectively is an important part of building rapport. If you build rapport quickly you become more likeable and easy to talk to. The basics for greeting people are:

  1. Use people’s names if you know them (“Hello, you must be Alex”)
  2. Introduce yourself or anyone you are with
  3. Shake hands, firm but not too firm!
  4. Maintain eye contact. This is a sign of respect and works to build rapport and trust very quickly.
  5. Smile. This will make you appear open and make conversation a lot easier.
  6. Speak clearly.

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