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Mining Careers - The Sky's The Limit

Finding the right job in mining can be a difficult task, especially in an industry as geographically spread and diverse as mining.

What  to consider before looking for a new job?

To ensure you find the very best role that suits your personal needs and goals, it is essential to consider the following factors before commencing the search for a new role:

  • What is your ideal role? What would you like to do day to day?
  • Where do you want to be in your career 3 years, 5 years and beyond?
  • What is your current salary and notice period? When are you ready to commence a new role?
    • Don’t waste potential employers time if you’re not ready to start a new job within the next few months! Mining is a small industry and you don’t want to burn your bridges…
  • Do you want a site based role or an office based / corporate appointment (if applicable)?
  • Do you prefer FIFO or residential?
  • What are your preferred home locations?
  • Most importantly, discuss any potential relocation (especially overseas) or changes to your work hours with your spouse or partner!!

Mining is booming, so how do I find the best role?

With so many jobs in the industry, it can be very difficult to know here to start, let alone finding the right job that aligns all your personal needs with your career goals and ambitions. To find the ‘perfect’ role, you need to work in partnership with a specialist recruiter who knows the market inside-out. Sourcing the perfect role is a challenging and time intensive process and one best achieved by partnering exclusively with a specialist recruiter who you know and trust who can then dedicate their time to achieving the perfect outcome for you.

Finding the perfect role is a process which takes knowledge, time and a lot of effort. Often the perfect role or your dream job won’t be advertised widely in the market. This is known as the hidden job market and it accounts for over 75% of the vacancies in the industry.

Whilst accessing the hidden market, working with a specialist recruiter has other advantages, including:

  • Scanning the market for your ‘ideal’ role which mightn’t be available right now
  • Expediting the job search
  • Managing and negotiating the offer process
  • Advice on salaries and conditions
  • Intelligence on preferred employers
  • Objective knowledge and assessment of amenities & facilities, relocation issues, visa processes and more.